V-Pamper™ : Ultimate Post Brazilian Treatment.

V-Pamper™ service targets and heals multitude of skin conditions around bikini area and is the ultimate post Brazilian treatment that WAXOXO developed in house
This service is best performed 5-10 days after your Brazilian sugaring / wax.
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Top Reasons our clients choose V-Pamper™

Remove Ingrown Hair

V-Pamper™ helps you put an end to ingrown hair once and for all.

Cleanse Pores

Exfoliate dead skin, cleanse your pores, and kill unwanted bacteria.

Blackhead Extraction

No one likes blackheads! Blackhead and whitehead extraction is part of your V-Pamper™ service.

Reduce Hyperpigmentation

V-Pamper™ targets hyperpigmentation and helps in its reduction.

Treats Inflammation

Bio Complex organic masques used in V-Pamper™ are pure organic extracts that treats inflammation as ancient botanists did in Europe.

Brighten Skin

100% organic products that brightens, hydrates & skin the skin.


Toxins are No. 1 reason for skin issues. V-Pamper™ targets toxins and eliminate them using special products developed for sensitive areas.


Stone crop plant based masques are designed to help skin regain the hydration and keep it hydrated.

I have been going to WAXOXO for I think 3 years now. I was worried with the staff, but they have hired the most wonderful staff who make you feel beyond comfortable and that you can develop a friendship with in just under the half an hour of the wax app. I have always gone for Brazilian sugaring and have alwayssssss wanted to do the v-pamper. I have always always had problems with ingrowns and scarring. I got this service done on Monday and I looked now (Saturday) and the skin is almost completely healed. It is literally a miracle. I have tried every home remedy in the book. I will definitely be going back for another to make my skin perfect down there, and would not go anywhere else for waxing services. I wish I could give you 100 stars.


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