Poya Tea Tree Australia Essential Oil


Tea Tree Australia Essential Oil

Cleansing & Stimulating

Steam distilled from the leaves, Tea Tree Oil has a refreshing minty, woody, and herbaceous aroma. It is one of the most versatile oils used for its antiseptic and medicinal properties.



Tea tree oil is antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial and has medicinal properties. It can be used on inflamed ingrown, breakouts and pimples. Our 100% organic tea tree oil can be mixed with your cream or lotions for post care after waxing or sugaring session.

This oil must be one of the most used essential oils, and thousands of people vouch for its wonderful healing properties

It has the ability to fight all three categories of infectious organisms (bacteria, fungi, and viruses).

How to use:

  • Spot treatments: 1 to 2 drops on q-tip for spot treatments.
  • Can be mixed with creams and lotions.

Additional information

Weight50 g
Dimensions4 × 4 × 8 in


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